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Point Bay Fuel Is Your Trusted NJ Home Heating Oil Delivery Company

We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality oil to our customers in the NJ shore region. We deliver to homes and businesses in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, New Jersey.

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Automatic Deliveries

Why worry about your deliveries when there is no reason to. Let Point Bay automatically come out and deliver your fuel, and there will be no reason to worry about running out of fuel. With automatic deliveries there is no need for you to monitor your fuel level in your tank, no reason to measure your tank, no reason to worry.

It’s simple to join, just give us a call! 732-349-5059.

Automatic deliveries are determined by using a Degree Day system. A simple math equation, and a little bit of history on your home and the computer will do all of the work.  If automatic deliveries do not appeal to you, then we also offer a “will call” status. This puts you in charge of monitoring your own oil usage, and scheduling your own deliveries.

Another advantage to being a Point Bay Customer is that every drop of our NJ home heating oil is treated with UltraGuard.

UltraGuard is an oil additive that reduces fuel-related service calls and increases customer satisfaction with oil heat.  It contains stabilizers, organic dispersants, a corrosion inhibitor, and metal deactivator. UltraGuard provides stability to NJ home heating oil, demulsifies fuel, cleans and lubricates, and provides corrosion inhibition which will extend the life of the heating system, including the tank.

You expect the best from us, and we deliver nothing less!

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